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Our objective is to apply right costing and implement a leaner and more streamlined operation for Tier 2 sourcing, with less repetitive activity and management. With that, we release cash, create flexibility and elevate transparency and control at the Tier 1 level.

the newtrims offer

Digital Product Passports (DPP)

Newtrims enhances brand’s supply chains by optimizing the Tier-2 component-supplier level, delivering transparency, sustainability and right costing.

We define bespoke solutions and improvements for each brand’s individual sourcing strategy, based on a detailed analysis of the full value chain.
This includes implementing Open Costing with the main vendors.

After delivering a detailed overview of current structures, cost,
processes and potential risks, we establish actions to:

We give you complete focus

We offer apparel brands within wholesale, e-tail and retail an industry-unique and complete focus on supply chain development for the sourcing of components. We create streamlined processes around your specific needs as a company, not around the abilities of your supplying companies’.

As result, this leads not only to cost reductions and result improvement, but to a more efficient, transparent and sustainable sourcing process.

Optimising your component
sourcing process

define ikon

Step 1


Starting with an as-is analysis of current cost, processes and your sourcing set-up – including your organisational structure and competence, we get to know your brand, your visions and goals as well as weak-spots and potential risks.

Based on this clear understanding of “what is”, we define the project scope most in line with your company’s ambitions, values and challenges, that in our experience are to;

Step 2


With our agreed scope as a starting point, we re-structure your supplier selection based on your visions, goals and ambitions – leading to efficiency in processes and purchasing strategies, lowering costs and releasing cash together with enhanced transparency and sustainability.

Using our Global Supplier Network together with a Propriety Database and Open Costing Benchmark, we secure internal and external processes as well as transparency of quality. We also secure all related costs (direct and indirect) without leaving room for inflated trim prices, wastage and other hidden cost factors.

Being able to negotiate on your behalf, we introduce long-term partnerships from a supplier pool where you benefit from improved delivery, payment and stock keeping terms as well as top level contacts and ongoing support in new developments.

secure ikon
control ikon

Step 3


Being able to control the established set-up is of greatest importance, as we want to guarantee a secured value for your organisation, to to make sure that the outlined benefits and cost reductions are achieved.

We therefore commit to stay with you all the way, by being your partner during the full implementation phase, including all stages of;

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