Apparel and Footwear Brands can optimize their sourcing through supplier partnerships

Controlling the data for transparent and compliant supply chains and enabling Digital Product Passports (DPP)

We optimise your processes



Starting with an as-is analysis of current cost, processes and your sourcing set-up.



By improving your Tier 2 supplier set up, securing your processes and products.



We monitor and secure that the outlined processes are achieved.

The Newtrims Offer

Newtrims enhances brand’s supply chain by optimizing the Tier-2 component-supplier level, delivering transparency, sustainability and right costing.

We define bespoke solutions and improvements for brand’s individual sourcing strategy, based on a detailed analysis of the full value chain. This includes not only current manufacturers and supplier structures but as well the internal structures and competences.

appareal sourcing newtrims offer

We have demonstrated that the apparel industry can improve profitability

through our industry unique approach to the strategic changes in the Trims & Accessories Sourcing process…

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More than +50 Global projects

During the years, we have had the opportunity of delivering positive results together with more than +50 global projects within Outdoor & Performance, Fashion and Workwear.

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