We help apparel brands to define and execute relevant, transparent and cost-efficient sourcing solutions.


About Newtrims

Newtrims was founded in 2013 by Per Harald Storm Danielsen, an entrepreneur – with more than 20 years addressing main challenges within apparel sourcing.

With a strong belief that a dedicated focus on supply chain development for trims and accessories makes a huge difference for the apparel brands of today; Newtrims is specializing in offering an industry-unique approach that lead to improved and efficient processes, transparency, cost reductions and sustainable results.

Having delivered on more than 50+ projects together with companies within Outdoor and Performance, Fashion and Workwear – Newtrims have proven that this unique strategic approach to the sourcing process of Trims and Accessories can improve profitability.

Our core team

Our team of today consists of dedicated people, bringing an extensive knowledge from the apparel and footwear sourcing industry. With huge dedication and interest in long term relationships, the team excel in delivering the best apparel sourcing solutions for their customers.

Per H. Storm Danielsen


Andreas Unruh


Chris Stappen


Vacant position

Project Manager

Newtrims is a member of Dialog Textil Bekleidung