Releasing cash through efficient sourcing
of apparel and footwear

Speed to market is essential for a brand to compete. This means that flexibility, digitalization, innovation and a transparent, agile and lean supply chain is the new normal. Brands simply cannot afford to overlook these areas. To do so will put them at a disadvantage. Furthermore brands are nowadays facing cost pressure and increasing regulations. This makes managing the supply chain even more challenging. We at Newtrims and Roland Berger have together identified areas, some of which are often overlooked, in which brands can increase their margins and lift efficiency potential. The secret to success is not only in product development, digitalization and lean production, but
also in effective purchasing methods and supplier management, as part of a well-planned sourcing strategy.
Without trusted supplier relationships, a brand risks pressure on FOB costing, losing control and a host of sourcing difficulties – including a reduced selection of suppliers and product components. Without an effective sourcing strategy, a brand cannot ensure cost effective product development and profitability as well as be ready for the increasing demand for sustainable products.

Newtrims and Roland Berger have a heritage of focusing on the small details in a business, in order to make a big difference to the bottom line and to the consumer. By providing a thorough analysis of material costs and general and administrative expenses, the team gets to work on identifying and plugging the gaps which may have previously been overlooked. Their research has proven that paying attention to all components can make a big difference, allowing the textile and footwear industry to secure their full potential in the supply chain and adapt to the new industry reality post Covid.

Newtrims and Roland Berger joined forces in a unique partnership initiative, to help textile and footwear brands releasing cash through efficient sourcing.

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