Digitalization in the apparel development and sampling process

The current disruptions and delays in the global apparel supply chains are opportunities for re-organising and improvement. What can be sold digitally can be developed and sourced the same way.

A fully digitalized apparel development process can reduce involvement, save cost and make your operations more sustainable.   

Apparel companies name agility, control and cost efficiency as the most important need for enhancing the business processes.  Digitalization of the ingoing supply chain ticks all 3 boxes.

Each month required for a classic development and implementation process shall be reduced to a week.

No need for components or samples being shipped, if replaced by digital information in 3D simulation.

Next to infrastructure, the main preconditions are strategic partnerships with a global supplier base, guaranteeing defined levels for quality and service, using fabric and trims libraries.


  • two thirds of the workload currently applied in apparel development and sampling process can be removed 
  • the risk of mistakes, remakes, need for correction and costly effects of poos planning is minimised 
  • the cost of the development and sampling process can be substantially reduced 
  • the carbon footprint is strongly reduced, and the sustainability effect measurable

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