2030 – 50 % of the apparel companies will be out of business unless they change focus

Provocative thesis? 


Maybe, but there are a few possible reasons which make such a situation not impossible.

The upcoming EU supply chain regulations will force garment companies to deliver transparency and sustainability that are unable to generate, organize and document.

The textile industry lacks knowledge, the right people in the important positions. There is too often a lack of holistic understanding of the pain and risk points along the entire supply chain.


Textile retailers, and therefore brands’ customers, are dwindling.  Severe loss of sales, lack of courage and lack of imagination are the death of retail.


In many apparel brands, digitization is still something “at the top of the agenda.” But it’s just there, nothing is moving.


In many cases, innovation is only driven forward in the management fleet.


Investments are put off until the last minute or forgotten altogether.  


Production costs are running away from companies. People only talk about price, without knowing the actual costs. Dependencies on confectioners determine the business. Open costing is still a foreign word.


Political and social pressure makes production and distribution in certain countries and regions impossible. Production capacities are becoming scarce, sales markets are collapsing.


Private equity will lose the desire to invest in apparel brands. The industry is too dirty, too analog, no promising model. Such stocks do not do well in the performance portfolio. The money is running out for the brands, nothing is coming from the banks.


…and last but not least; clothing is clearly losing importance in the daily problems of customers. It has not been at the top of the Christmas wish list for a long time anyway. Now it falls off the list altogether….


Sounds strange, crazy, to neglect – may be.

But if you, as a brand, prefer to be on the winning side either way, we should talk.


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